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Market research indicates there is an available market niche to be occupied by additional businesses of this nature. The very nature of the computer and consulting industry, with its extraordinary rate of technological, logistics and services requirements, creates a constant need for businesses skilled in updating and advising customers on computer-related and business needs. There is a need to provide new and current updated computer equipment and the latest business processes. President, Ethan A. Jones, AKA (EJ) was instrumental in developing, building and supporting OSD/DOD acquisition programs and policies that are conducive to today's emerging market. EJ also has established contacts throughout the Department of Defense and other federal agencies within the acquisition community.

True Millennium Solutions will be able to supply the latest hardware, software and provide first class logistic support and services to meet your business operations. Federal, OSD/DOD and the private community contacts allow TMS to provide our customer with highly trained, certified and experience service, support and responsiveness. By working with companies like IBM  VP, Mike Cooper has many solid contacts within the industry.

True Millennium Solutions LLC will transfer contacts, knowledge, training and expertise and guide - YOU - our customers with seeking to improve, upgrade and enhance your business systems and processes while gaining the competitive advantage. TMS are trained and dedicated professionals providing solutions to your business needs today.

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