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Ethan A. Jones, (EJ)

 President and CEO


Ethan Jones

Professional Profile 

26 years in the field of Acquisition, Logistics and Technology in the Department of Defense (DOD) - Army. He has experience in multi-functional logistics, contracting, planning, institutional training development, operations, policy, doctrine, materiel solutions, knowledge management, force structure and transformation in leadership and management positions in key DOD logistics and acquisition organizations. He has a Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level III certification in contracting and a certified Master logistician. He holds a Masters Degree in Acquisition Management and an Executive Project Management Certification both from the University Management and Technology, Arlington, Virginia, October 2009. He is an Army Acquisition Corp Member. Performs in executive level leadership positions, teambuilding, strategic planning, while resolving complex problem solving in various aspects of acquisition, logistics and operational contract support and policy functions.


Michael A. Cooper

 Vice President


Michael Cooper


Professional Profile

28 years with IBM in sales and technical positions in the enterprise computing industry: (23 yrs in IBM Federal). His knowledge of systems includes IBM Power Systems, System p, pSeries, RS/6000, AS/400, AIX, LINUX, OS/400, IBM Storage and IBM System X. Michael has applied his sales and product expertise, in conjunction with, IBM Business Partners to close business for IBM. Michael is known to match IBM solutions to customer requirements and has sold IBM offerings directly to customers or through IBM Business Partners (Jeskell Inc, CAS Severn and many more). He developed and maintained a high level of expertise in the IBM Power Systems brand. Michael studied the competition and developed appropriate winning sales strategies to win business for IBM. He presented the value of IBM solutions to all levels of customer management to drive product sales. Michael worked hard to ensure customer satisfaction with engagements and offerings in all business areas. He teamed with IBM sales and technical sales resources to provide complete solutions to customer business requirements. Michael is a graduate of Fordham University where he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Methods. He was a four year letterman for the University basketball team and was co-captain of the team in his senior year.


Renee P. Davis-Preston

 Assistant to the President/CEO

Renee P. Davis-Preston


Professional Profile

Renee has extensive experience in administration and management for municipal and governmental agencies' purchasing and acquisition departments. Ten years of management experience includes records management and public bidding for contracts in excess of $800 million annually. She has experience in the dissemination of public information and preparation of written material for distribution to the media. Ms. Davis-Preston is an experienced paralegal who previously worked closely with clients and the court. She has over ten years experience as an administrative assistant to IBM executives responsible for private and Federal accounts.

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